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Vehicle Packages

*These package prices are estimates. Final price will be determined based vehicle condition and may require in-person inspection.

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Shield your vehicle’s paint from rock chips, scrapes, and scratches. This thin, transparent film is the #1 way to protect the areas of your vehicle that are prone to deterioration; without sacrificing the beautiful appearance of your vehicles paint job.

Applying paint protection film to a red vehicle
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Wear & Tear

Without protection, these areas are notorious for taking a beating over time.

Film Coverage: Door sills, edges and door cups.

02:00 hrs

Partial Front

This package is referred to as the ‘leading edges’ and is the most common coverage for protection from bugs and rock sling from vehicles in front of you.

Film Coverage: partial hood, partial fenders, bumper, mirrors

06:00 hrs

Complete Front

Full coverage of the leading edges; commonly implemented on sports cars and high end vehicles.

Film Coverage: full hood, full fenders, bumper, mirrors

10:00 hrs

Rocker Panels

Lowest section of doors, truck beds, and any area running along the side of a vehicle that is susceptible to rock sling from tires.

Film Coverage: varies depending on the vehicle; any area susceptible to rock sling from your vehicles tires.

08:00 hrs

individual pricing

Individual installs receive spot cleaning/prep, not full vehicle wash. Exact prices depend on material square footage and installation difficulty.

complete hood
partial hood
partial fenders
front bumper
rear bumper/cargo loading strip
rear tire bumper side coverage

Ceramic Coating

Like a wax on steroids; protect your vehicle from the elements with a coating that lasts for years. If you’re someone who genuinely cares about their vehicle’s appearance/condition and want to maintain and even improve said appearance then a ceramic coating is the best way to do so.

A ceramic coating causing water to bead on the hood of a car
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6 Year

Excellent choice for long lasting durability at an affordable price.

8 Year

The best choice for extra gloss and thickness, great for sports cars and airplanes.

10+ Years

The thickest, most durable coating available, intended for extreme environments. Great for sports cars, boats and airplanes.

  • acts as a semi-permanent sacrificial barrier between your car and the elements, protecting your vehicle from UV rays, dirt, salt, tar, bird droppings, bugs, chemical stains, and all road contaminants.
  • lasts for years // different coatings have different lifespans; options above.
  • increases paint gloss // great on satin & matte colors too.
  • increases hydrophobic properties, making water bead up and shed off with ease.
  • repels dirt and contaminants making cleaning a breeze.
  • can be used on vehicle paint, glass, vinyl (wraps), rims, and even trim.

We recommend polishing the vehicle’s paint prior to sealing it in with the coating. View our polishing options below to pair with this service.
Ceramic coatings can also be applied overtop of PPF


paint enhancement and correction

Enhance and correct your vehicles appearance. Both services include a thorough wash and decontamination prior to polishing, and both are commonly paired with PPF and Ceramic Coatings (listed above).

A vehicle getting polished
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Paintwork receives a single stage polish to deep clean the paint, increase gloss, and enhance color.

Recommended For: newer vehicles or well kept paint that needs a touch up.

6-8 hrs


Remove defects from your vehicles clear coat such as swirls, scratches, water spots, and oxidation.

Recommended For: older vehicles, neglected paint, or vehicles that you want to look ‘as good as possible’.

10-12 hrs

additional services

Interior touch up detal


interior full detail


truck bed cleaning


headlight restoration


trim restoration


platinum car wash